The message of “Fiddler on the roof”

“Fiddler on the roof (here link to the famous song “Tradition “) is the film made according to the American musical with the same title from 1964. The film was recorded in 1971 partly also in Croatia, it has won 3 Oscars (for the cinematography, sound and original music), in addition to many other prizes and denominations.


What we want to draw attention to is the mentality of many Jews represented in the film, but somehow hidden and adorned. A Russian Jew, Topol, wants to marry his three daughters well. However, the first one marries a poor Jewish seamstress. What can we do? At least he is a Jew. The father accepts it.

The next one marries a Jewish Bolshevik. For love of him she even accompanies him to Siberia, where he was sent because be punished by the authorities. The era described is of Czarist Russia, in the early twentieth century. The Tsarist operation of “Pogromo” is left visible, directed against the destabilization of the regime agitated in good part by the members of the Jewish community, according to the Czar. The film is a condemnation of “anti-Semitism”, but it is a fact that the Bolsheviks employed themselves thoroughly against Russia. The question is: who has been persecuted? And who fell at the end of the whole?

But let’s go back to the content of the movie. The third daughter marries a Russian Christian (consequently she is baptized), and there the essential thing happens: the father does not accept it, never, that his daughter marries a Christian (and leaves Judaism).

That is, Marx can be accepted, but not Christ. That is the message of the “Violinist on the roof”. Another thing, the husband of the third daughter finally decides to go with her and accompany his father-in-law to exile in Poland, moved by solidarity against “anti-Semitism”. A Christian must always have guilt for everything that is done with the Jews.

By the way, let’s pay attention to the traditional apron that Topol wears. Does it sound like something?




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